The Kingdom of Misberia and Caloudonoum

Name: The High Kingdom of Misberia and Caloudonoum

Government: Monarchist Confederation

Motto: Peace, Prosperity, Unity

Official Languages: English, French, Dutch, and Misberian

Established: April 15th 2015

Population: 122

Claims: US, UK and Canada

Capital City: îles de Betula, Principality of Misberia

Currency: Misberian Krone, Various Regional Currencies

Head of State: Czar Archie Birch

Head of Government: Prime Minister Thomas Bainbridge

We are a micronation not built on session but unity and experimenting with ideas and projects the macronations do not.

Goal One:

Build a community which is open to new peoples and cultures.

Goal Two:

Work on projects and ideas macronations do not.

Goal Three:

Work with our communities to build a stronger bond.

Goal Four:

Work with other governments and nations to build a better world

April 15th 2020:

5th Celebration of Misberia

June/July 2020:

First Misberian-Caermont Confrence

July 2021:

Czar Archie's American and European Tour

February-August 2022:

Czar Archie's Appalachian Trail Trip

July-August 2023:

Czar Archie's Second World Tour, South Korea

Made by and for the Misberian Government

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