Imperial Titles


His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Czar Archie Birch I, Emperor of Zuhan, Imperial Protector of Misberia, King of Caermont and Metacomet Territories, King of United Kingdoms of Cheapeake and Vorxshan, Prince Regent of the Kingdom of Stormhold, Eternal Prince of Germanium Imperium, Prince of the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, Archduke of Chesapeake, Duke of Blacksburg,Lord Protector of Cornwall Lord Protector of the Confederation of Caloudonoum, Lord Protector of West Impach, Lord Protector of the Andros Monarchy, Lord Protector of the Timberian Nation, Lord of Devon Order of the Raven of the Hrafnarfjallian Kingdom and Tap of the Pax

Archie Birch


His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Emperor Thomas I, AdC, Emperor of the North Sea, High King of Hrafnarfjall, King of the North Sea, King of North Misberia Prince of Albermarle, Duke Ulfbol, Duke of Helluland, Protector of Vinland, Duke of St. Joseph Duke Roanoke of Aspen, Markgraf von Bainbridge of Atovia, Sovereign of the Order of the Raven, Sovereign of the Order of Hrafnarfjall, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of William I, Commander of the Order of Atovia, Knight of the Order of St George &c

Thomas Bainbridge


Crown Prince of Misberia, Lord Protector of Caloudonoum, Duke of Caloudonoum, Lord Protector of West Impach, Lord Protector of Caloudonoum, Samuel Honor of the Order of Hoffmann

Samuel Hoffmann


Princess of Columbusstan

Laura Bainbridge


Duke of Cap de Sable, Former King of Falvia, Former Misberian Supreme Justice, Misberian Press Secretary

Hville Alvastad

Prince of Sebago Naples

Jayden Lycon

Queen of Columbusstan, Duchess of Manhusset Wuttuset, Lord Protector of Columbusstan

Chloe M

King of Stormhold


Emperor of Fesmar, Duke of Wivenhoe

Kenneth Chapman

Lord Protector of Timberia, Sir Imperial Knight Jack Reach of the Imperial Possession of Timberia of the Fourth Kingdom of Misberia and the Founders Honor of the Order of Hoffmann, Current Misberian Foreign Affairs Minister

Jack Reach

Prime Minister of Caermont and Metacomet, Duke of Plymouth

Max Braiden

Princess of Eastbago, Father Paco of Pametchia, Pametchian Skies, The Harvester of Pacoist Ground Steel, Defender of Cila, Prezi, Lord of Dunbar, Heir of Dunbar Castle, Alta, GosPatrick II and Lord Protector of Sommerhus Havet


Lord of Fesmar


Prince of Fesmar


Mayor of Naples

Ms. Jane H

Crown Prince of Misberia, Duke of Chipatook

Andrew B

His Christian Majesty, By the Grace of God, Emperor of the Ducal Realms, Emperor of Ponderosa, High King of Welscot-Anglogael, King of Wallusch, Chief of the Slapahoes, Grand Duke of Oster-Nyaspanien, Princely Governor of Ponderosa, Designated Regent of the Duke of Dukerovania, Designated Regent of the Baron of Coppern, Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Joseph, Defender of the Faith


Former King of Zuhan, Lord Protector of Zuhan


King of Beligica


Duke of Polynya, President of the United North American Republic, Commander in Chief of all the United North American Republic Armed Forces, General

Connor McLean